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The Donkin Light-house

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The light house on Port Elizabeth's Donkin Reserve is a National Monument.  It is also the best place for an overall view of the city and very popular with visitors, especially photographers.

Momento's of Africa volunteered to refurbish the light house, arranged displays on all 7 floors and re-introduced the flashing light at night.

Today you are most welcome to visit.

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The light house was originally built in 1862, but it was much lower then  As the city grew, the city lights became confused at sea, and so in 1932 the light house was extended to its current height.

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One floor is dedicated to the Donkins and the Light House.  shown here are  reproductions of her period clothing and some of the memorabilia about her.

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No lifts! just steps up ... and down

There is a wealth of other material relevant to the city, region and the sea.  Leave time on your itinerary for a proper look. lhsedisp.jpg (20632 bytes)

. . . And the view from the top, well we have lots of pictures, but we'll let you take your own!